We work with you closely to understand your business.

We participate in all the phases of the project to provide optimal solutions in an efficient and timely manner. Some of our strengths include the ability to build interfaces to integrate the diverse components of your business solution. We understand the complexity of the new technologies and scalability requirements of the solutions. We are geared towards getting the task done, and done well. Working with your Information Technology staff and users, we ensure that solutions meet design and performance targets. Our services include end-user and maintenance training. We believe in mentoring your staff for a smooth transition.

We work in partnership with your managerial and technical staff to fully integrate, configure and enhance all the system components to meet your specific business needs.

We provide expertise from business process reengineering through deployment and post-production operations. Our focus is to achieve results in a rapid and cost-effective manner. Our implementation methodology involves understanding all aspects of your business. We partner with you to deliver the best solution integrating your processes, people, organizations, systems and corporate culture.

We can participate in all aspects from project management to solution development.

We work with you to develop streamlined solutions. After analyzing the scope of the solution and the extent of customizations required, we work with you to prioritize your needs and develop a detailed roadmap, with dates for specific deliverables that mesh well with your business/fiscal calendar. Our knowledge and skills help you choose the right technologies. We use RAD (Rapid Application Development) methods to build your mission-critical applications within the required time frame.

After the implementation phase, we work closely with your staff and users to ensure the system performance and functionality meet their needs and expectations. We work on any enhancements, as required. We help put together the deployment strategy and work with you through the process of transitioning to the new system.